Bassoon/Writing: What’s the Difference?

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Playing the bassoon and writing equals the same thing. Note: I used the verb ‘equals’, not the weaker verb ‘are’…totally different meaning.

Technicalities aside, how you ask? Glad to answer.

  1. Lonely time. You spend hours alone, creating, honing, perfecting. And you know you are GOOD. (Until you hit rehearsal or receive the correct copy from your crit partner).
  2. Never perfect. Your rehearsal/crit demonstrate your weakness, so you spend the next week perfecting.
  3. Hit the wall. Your embouchure or your muse walks out on you. You threaten to walk out on the whole lifestyle.
  4. Rehearsal (AKA Conference). You get to  celebrate with like-minded geeks who love nothing more than to spend hours practicing and sharing their craft.
  5. Performance. When you’re ready to quit, then the performance comes. You get to dress up, put on make-up (hopefully only if you’re female). The house is packed. For writers, you get your contract.

Is any life better than writing or music?

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  1. And I don't play and write at the same time either. It's hard enough doing one well. Thanks Tessa.

  2. Nice post, witty. I can relate as I play the clarinet and write (not at the same time). Enjoyed visiting your site.

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