Are You Really a Disciple?

Just Annoying!Image via WikipediaIn our chaotic lives, we delight in church. We sing and Jesus meets us. Suddenly the cares of the world drift away.
Then we hear a good message. We cry because it convicts us. We rejoice, because we are justified.
Of course, when someone brings in the special homemade treats, we really love church. We grab a sticky bun or a cookie (we avoid the fruit and healthy food) and head for our cars.
Life is good as a Christian.
However, are we truly disciples? For me, the litmus test is John 13:35. “By this all will know thatyou are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”
“Okay,” you say. “I love my pastor— I love my spouse. Of course my kids, too.”
We know we are easy to love. But how about them?
Periodically I get called by someone who annoys me. We never have anything to say, but the person wants to talk.
I can look at my caller ID and avoid the call—quickly turn off the answering machine, and for the ten minutes demanded of my time, avoid the displeasure.
How often have we crossed the street to avoid someone? Talked about the aggravating co-worker? Sneered at someone?
Worse yet, do we shun the members of our church because they irritate us?
Church does exist for us. We must be fed. We must identify God’s Spirit and grow as Christians. But we can’t forget the unlovely. We need to show we are Christ’s
The true measure of discipleship is loving people in the manner that Jesus loved.
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