A Case for Intolerance

I will climb out on the proverbial limb and utter an obscene word: intolerance. Sometimes it’s good.

Take for example smoking. When I first began teaching, smoke swirled around my classroom. I asked for an air purifier and got this teeny little machine that had minimal effect on my air quality. My room abutted the teachers’ room. It had no outside windows and the the smoke wafted through the cut-outs in the ceiling that allowed the fluorescent lights to run.

We all experienced smokey restaurants, businesses, homes, cars, mass transportation. Today, no one can light up on school property–not even in their car with the window rolled up. Smokers used to congregate at doors of businesses and stores to smoke. Today, many places require that they stand a distance away from the entrances. We no longer tolerate the health destroying effects of tobacco.

The same goes with dog droppings. Years ago, no one cleaned up the “litter” and only the property owner was expected to scoop the poop–or the walker, in whose case had to scrape the poop. Today our local rec park stocks plastic bags to make it possible to clean up after dogs. Homeowners will stop recalcitrant dog owners and insist on this basic decency.

Restricted To Adults Aged 18 And Over Sexually...Image via WikipediaWe’ve become intolerant of sex abuse–those guilty can never erase the stigma of their crimes; intolerant of physical abuse; intolerant of driving under the influence

Isn’t it time to become more intolerant? Cursing? Indecent clothing? Sexually explicit comedy on sitcoms? Stereotyping Christians as intolerant or hypocritical? Sexually active behavior? Pornography?

Without foregoing mercy, love, kindness–without forgetting Christ’s forgiveness, we need to take a stand against what is offensive and wrong, refuse to accept it. If we do, perhaps these behaviors will follow in the fate of second hand smoke and dog doo-doo.

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  1. Isn't it sad, if we have any decency, we're considered uptight prigs. And why is being a prude bad? Doesn't it really mean you don't like smutty, degrading things?

  2. Anonymous says:

    When I was in college (fmpfh-many years ago) someone prefaced their joke with the meaningless comment "if nobody objects to a smutty joke…" and I chimed in "I do. Tell us one of your clean jokes, if you have one handy." And it stopped him dead! Gave me a bad rep thereafter: I was the prude.

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