5 Ways Sin Is Like a Rock

Carol McClain      @carol_mcclain

The elders in my daughter’s church handed out rocks.

These weren’t pretty, soothing objects like worry rocks or quartz or painted ones with happy messages or water-smoothed pebbles. Each was large enough to hold but oddly shaped and rough. The pastor instructed us to hold the stone throughout the service.

Being the obsessively dutiful woman I am, I held this rough, craggy rock.

What a pain in the palm!

Throughout worship and the lifting of hands, all during the sermon and flipping Bible pages, this unwieldy thing distracted me. I could hold it and could lift it or work my way around it. However, for 90 minutes, it made its presence known.

At last, with the closing song, he allowed us to lay the stone on the altar.

Sin is like this rock.

  1. It’s uncomfortable and unwieldy.
  2. It makes its presence known.
  3. It isn’t pretty.
  4. It has no value.
  5. It’s a relief to lay it down at the altar. (and so very easy–try it)


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