13 Scary Things About Perfectionism


By: Carol McClain @carol_mcclain

Trick or Treat? Perfectionism is no treat and will always trick you into missing grace.

No matter what you struggle with–service, household issues, art, work, family or church–striving for perfectionism will only make your life miserable. Here are thirteen scary things about perfectionism.

  1. You can’t do it all. Believe me, I’ve tried.
  2. Someone is always better to you, and that person isn’t even God.
  3. You’ll feel awkward in social settings because everyone is better, happier or more adjusted than you.
  4. Someone’s always going to judge you both for what you’re working so diligently on–or for what you, by necessity, left undone.
  5. Everything else will fall apart as you obsess over the one thing you’re trying to perfect.
  6. Someone’s going to say, “That’s perfect, but what about…?”
  7. Once you do it perfectly, pride will step in. The Pharisees were the ultimate perfectionists.
  8. Emotionally you will exhaust yourself.
  9. Physically, it will make you sick–raise your blood pressure, make you overeat.
  10. You’ll fail to see all that you do well because you’re so focused on your failures.
  11. Because you know you’ll fail, you’ll procrastinate.
  12. You’ll avoid trying new things.
  13. You’ll lose the joy of living.

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