The Root of Our Issues–Us

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

By: Carol McClain @carol_mcclain

The root of our issue: We’re unclean.

My first marriage fell apart. I’d married a man with issues–totally unaware that he’d married a woman with issues.

Our fights became furious. I’d become the bread-winner and would return from work to find my baby’s lunch still on the table, the house a mess and my husband ready to go out and party–often with my girlfriends.

Of course, it’s easy to pass blame, nail the dissolution of our vows at his feet. Shamefully, throughout the many years since that marriage dissolved, I never saw my role in it. However, when a marriage fails, each partner plays a part in its demise.

I no longer remember the words I’d say when one of my ex’s transgressions drove me to Hades to arm myself with the tools of hell. I remember he allowed me to punch him. Cuss words laced our screaming matches. Dreams of other men filled my lonely nights.

Then, after we divorced, I met Christians who told about Christ and His redeeming love. Blind to my own sins, I struggled to think of things I did wrong. I was a good person–raised my daughter well, worked as a teacher and did a good job, took care of family and friends. Still, I needed to fill the void in my soul, and the message of salvation drew me in like an addiction (a good one–like to coffee or chocolate).

Then, knowing how lost I was, I accepted Christ.

From that moment, I changed. I recognized my sin and no longer had to search for it. I quit the behaviors that disproved my assumptions of being the perfect mother, teacher, daughter.

The Root of Our Issues

  1. We are unclean.
  2. We are blind to the fact that all have sinned (which means us) and fallen short of God’s glory.
  3. No one else is to blame for our transgressions.
  4. Trying to fix it through religion, others, self or the world is only stage make-up. It hides the blemishes, but cannot make them vanish.
In my life, that Christ died for me even when I didn’t realize I was a sinner, is the greatest blessing of my life.

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